Fostering of Socio-economic Development and Encouraging Business in Boarder Areas

    Overall objective

    To foster economic and social integration in Latvia, Estonia and Russia border areas through intense cooperation of local and regional authorities of Vidzeme region, Vōru county and Pskov region for development of local SMEs opportunities and encouraging of the entrepreneurship.

    Specific objectives

    • To raise competitiveness of partner regions through integrated business support and experience exchange between project partners in different instruments of SME`s support improving existing skills with innovative approaches and to promote future cooperation exploiting these instruments
    • To encourage the entrepreneurship of the partner regions SMEs trough joint development activities and common events – business fairs, contact events, educational info-days, regional presentations, networking, B2B contacts, in order to improve business environment and to support future cooperation.

    Madona Municipality Council (Latvia)


    • ANO Fund of Guarantee and Enterprise Development of Pskov Region (Russia)
    • Võru County Government (Estonia)

    Expected results

    Common business events

  •  4 Regional Business Fairs with 7 seminars and trainings and 3 regional presentations
  • Contact events - partner search forums, B2B meetings, experience exchange meetings
  • Participation in 3 National Business Fairs, smaller business fairs, 2 seasonal open air business fairs, 2 Business Forums
  • Cooperation Agreement and Working plan for SME development (Memorandum) signed by heads of Partner organisations.
  • SME Web Tool - business contact communication social network

    In-door and out-door business fair equipment purchased

    Technical documentation for 8 investment areas, feasibility study and marketing plan for investment areas

    Broshure in Russian and English to market investment areas and promote the region (1000 copies)

    E-brochure for SMEs "How to enter Latvian, Russian and Estonian markets".

    Final beneficiaries

    • Localmunicipalities of partner regions, through expected growth of tax income and creation of new working places (65 municipalities)
    • Allpartner regions SMEs having access to common events, business guide, virtual business network to improve their business performance (at least 13200 SMEs)
    • Inhabitantsof the regions involved having an opportunity to start a new and develop existing business, to find new working places and improve living standards and to increase their income thus benefiting from realization of the project (942055 inhabitants)

    20 months

    Total budget: 1 084 938,15 EUR
    Programme co-financing: 949 974,46 EUR (87,56%) Project co-financing: 134 963,69 EUR (12,44%)


    Project Manager Dace Āriņa +371 29294245
    Project Coordinator (LV) Janīna Apsīte +371 29421255
    Project Coordinator (RU) Svetlana Zhuravleva +79113543203
    Project Coordinator (EE) Astrid Org +372 5283552

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