last edited: 18.12.2018
Information Center of the Lubāna Wetland - guidebooks, bird watching, boat rental, fishing, accommodation
Address:Aiviekstes hidromezgls, Ošupes pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4833
Phone:+371 29234956 (Līga un Ilze)
Offer: tourist guidebooks, binoculars and telescopes for observation of birds, , accommodation, kitchen, rooms for seminars (capacity 40), place for tents, picnick area, bathing place, boat rental (5), fishing, excursion, organization of various events
last edited: 08.01.2019
Bērzaune parish tourist centre
Address:Gaiziņa iela 7, Bērzaune, Madonas novads, LV-4853
Phone:+371 20372028 (Jana Mežvinska)
Offer: tourism information, guidebooks, internet access
last edited: 04.03.2019
Madona region Tourism Information Centre: cards, guidebooks, museum, souvenirs
Address:Skolas iela 10a, Madona, LV-4801
Phone:+371 29130437 (Sanita Soma LV, RUS) +371 29332642 (Ilze Stūre LV, ENG))
Offer: tourism information, cards and guidebooks, sale of souvenirs, excibition hall, reservation of guides for excursions through Madona and Madona region, museum

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