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Guided tour through Madona
Phone:+371 29130437, 29332642, 29750811
Offer: if you choose to go on a one-hour guided tour through the City of Madona, you will have a chance to get to know the charm of Madona, to feel the city’s landscape beneath your feet and listen to interesting stories,
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„Madona Museum of Local History and Art, Exhibition Hall”, Tourism Information Centre
Address:Skolas iela 10a, Madona, Madonas novads, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 64823844,+371 26102225 (izstāžu zāle, LV, ENG, RU, GER)
Offer: thematic and art exhibitions, exposition about the archeology of the region, museum educational programs, visiting the open collection, the Museum includes the Tourism Information Center of Madona region, guiding services, an object of cultural heritage, practical activities, organization of various events
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"Madona caramel sweets" - caramel sweets workshop, purchase
Address:Rīgas iela 1, Madona
Phone:+371 26380073 (Linda Blaževica), 26539290 (Arnis Blaževics)
Offer: caramel sweets workshop, product acquisition, individual orders,
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"Ceramic Workshop of Jānis Seiksts”: oven, pots, landscape garden
Address:Dumpu iela 16, Madona, Madonas novads, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 26126247 (Jānis Seiksts un Tija Seiksta)
Offer: "Latvian heritage" farm, visiting the workshop and seeing the oven, exhibition - shop, taking part in creation of clay pots, landscape garden with garden sculptures, excursion, practical activities, trading, placing orders
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"Domu pietura" ("Mind's station") – degustation of home-made wines and purchase
Address:Raiņa iela 19, Madona, LV-4801
Phone:+371 29296045 (Astra Riekstiņa); 26395710 (Ilze Riekstiņa)
Offer: With prior booking, wine tasting for groups (8-65 persons), purchase of products, special stop for newlyweds and wedding guests. Positive emotions, feelings and pleasures at a family winery,
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"Madona Art School of J. Simsons” – excursion, souvenirs
Address:Valdemāra bulvāris 3, Madona, LV - 4801
Phone:+371 28615694 (Kristīne Šulce, LV)
Offer: sightseeing trip which concludes with painting on a cloth bag at the workshop or making of the "Madona rooster" souvenir, possibility to see the works made by the students of the Art School,
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Cinema "Vidzeme"
Address:Tirgus iela 5, Madona, LV 4801
Phone:+371 26643624
Offer: screening of movies of different genres, 3D movies,
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Madona House of Culture
Address:Raiņa iela 12, Madona
Phone:+371 64807423, 27871358 (direktore Ilze Šulce), 64822631 (biļešu kase)
Offer: venue for concerts and shows, premises for rehearsals of amateur collectives, folk art studio, rooms for seminars (capacity 300)

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